Hockey Stick Review: Sherwood PMP 5030

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Sherwood PMP 5030

Product Description: An iconic wooden stick, the Sherwood PMP 5030 continues to be a solid value buy for novice players and a throwback go-to for those who appreciate wood.

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As the selection and availability of wooden hockey sticks dwindle, Sherwood PMP 5030 is a nostalgic beacon of old-time hockey among lumber enthusiasts. The Quebec-based manufacturer* made more than 6 million of their flagship 5030 wooden stick in 60+ years of production. The Sherwood 5030 stick remains the world’s best-selling wooden stick—and perhaps one of top sellers overall. Hall of Famer inductee Guy Lafleur has called the Sherwood 5030 “the best stick in the world.”

It is no coincidence that the very first hockey stick review here at Hockey Sticks HQ is of the iconic Sherwood PMP 5030, one of the best (if not the best) wooden sticks to be ever made.

From the Manufacturer

Sher-Wood PMP 5030: Construction

The shaft of the Sherwood 5030 features an aspen core laminated with multiple layers of birch and an aircraft veneer.

The 5030 wooden stick blade is made of a white ash core reinforced with impact-resistant fiberglass.

Sherwood PMP 5030

Sherwood PMP 5030 models. From top: 2012 (out of stock), 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Heritage / HOF

Sherwood PMP 5030 Wooden Stick: Specifications

  • Two piece (replacement blade available)
  • PMP 5030 Length:
    • Senior: 59 in
    • Intermediate: 56 in
    • Junior: 52 in
  • Weight: 630 grams (610 for Heritage/Hall of Fame models)
  • Flex: 85
  • Kick point: Mid
  • Blade patterns and lies:
    • PP09 Curve–Ryan I/Spezza (not all models): 1/2 in mid heel curve, slightly open face, round toe; Lie 5.5
    • PP26 Curve–Stastny: 1/2 in heel curve, slightly open face, round toe; Lie 6
    • PP77 Curve–Coffey: 3/4 in mid curve, open face, round toe; Lie 5.5
    • P88 Curve–Ryan II: 1/2 in mid curve, straight face, round toe; Lie 6
  • Grip: No
Sherwood 5030 Blade Patterns

Sher-Wood PMP 5030 Blade Patterns

Sherwood PMP 5030: Our Take

Few would dispute that Sherwood 5030 remains the best wooden hockey stick on the market.

The wood construction provides the lauded natural feel of wooden sticks, which makes it particularly suitable for puck handling, passing, and slap shots. Weighing 630 grams, the 5030 is one of the lighter wood sticks, offering the lightness and flex typical of composites (the newer Sherwood 5030 Hall of Fame/HOF or Heritage model is even lighter, at 610 grams). Compared to composites, the throwback twig may feel heavy to some, but that in turn allows novice and younger players to build arm and upper-body strength.

The popular, best-selling P77–Coffey curve enables decent puck elevation for wrist and snap shots. The P26–Stastny curve will elevate the puck on slap shots and suit puck handlers. The traditional mid-curve P88–Ryan II is a good all-around blade providing for both wrist/snap shots and backhanders.

This old-school twig is ideal for novice players, as a backup stick, and for use on multiple surfaces. Many players, particularly of the older generation and those who love the feel of wood over composites, love and use the 5030 as their primary. The stick’s look—classic, natural wood look and black lettering—only reinforces the sentiment. Versatile, the Sherwood 5030 is suitable for street and roller hockey, too.

If all that weren’t enough, at under $40, the 5030 is one of the best value buys available.

In 2007, Sher-Wood outsourced production from Canada to Eastern Europe and China, the last stick maker to move production overseas. Shortly after, the manufacturer went bankrupt and was repeatedly sold to venture capital firms. The reason we mention this: The quality of the 5030 declined as its production moved to the Ukraine, with more and more players reporting worsening quality of this classic twig for 2010 to 2014 models. But the 2017 Hall of Fame (HOF) model is again manufactured in Canada, so perhaps not all hope is lost.

Proud owners of the Sher-Wood PMP 5030 have included Paul Coffey, Ray Bourque, Chris Chelios, Peter Bondra, Keith Tkachuk, Jason Spezza, Mats Sundin, Sidney Crosby, and many many others.

The point being: It’s a great stick.

Sherwood PMP 5030 HOF

Sherwood PMP 5030 HOF (2016)

ood PMP 5030: Pros and Cons


  • Great value
  • Light (for wooden sticks anyway)
  • Feel
  • Versatility
  • Classic old-school image


  • Durability
  • Lower quality for 2010–2014 models

Sherwood PMP 5030: Verdict

An iconic wooden stick, the Sherwood PMP 5030 continues to be a solid value buy for novice players and a throwback go-to for those who appreciate wood.

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* The company’s official name is Sher-Wood, hence the stick is Sher-Wood PMP 5030. Everyone calls it Sherwood, however, so we go with that.

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